Monday, January 14, 2008

Jimi Hendrix and Johnny...

On the Web: In May of 1969, less than two weeks after Jimi Hendrix's infamous Toronto drug bust, Johnny, Jimi and Stephen Stills found themselves jamming in a New York club. "He wanted to play the songs he grew up on: Freddie King, Earl King, and Muddy Waters," Johnny told Charles Cross, the author of Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix. "When I played with him, I deferred and let Jimi play lead."

According to Cross' book:

The jam lasted until three in the morning, at which point Jimi suggested they move to the Record Plant. That night he cut Guitar Slim's "The Things I Used to Do," using Winter on bottleneck guitar.

Take a listen by clicking right here!

And don't forget: Johnny's Live Bootleg Series, Vol. I is now on sale! Johnny, who produced this release, has teamed up with Friday Music and plans to open his personal vaults for a special series of archival releases. Click here to order.


Jeffrey S. Taranto said...

Great info on two of my favorite Guitarists of all time. I can only hope that Johnny has more to offer from him and Jimi together in his new "Live Bootleg Series". Can't wait to hear JW's version of "Red House" on Vol. 2! ANYTHING by Johnny Winter is music to my ears and gold to me.

vancouver said...

Great expression there jeffrey..
I love it!!!

Jeffrey S. Taranto said...

Thank you.