Wednesday, August 22, 2007

UPDATE: More pictures and the story on Vegas...

Crossroads photo essay: Still more photos from a memorable weekend. Click here to see shots of Johnny with Derek Trucks, Steve Winwood, event host Bill Murray and the great B.B. King!

A message to Johnny's fans in Las Vegas: Johnny was very disappointed that he didn't make last Saturday's (Aug. 18) gig at Cannerystock with Sly & the Family Stone, but his absence was due to circumstances that were simply beyond his control. Blame it on the airline! Johnny & Co. unfortunately spent more than seven hours waiting at the airport... only to see their flight eventually cancelled. Word from Paul Nelson is that Johnny handled the sitiuaton better than most: a few pissed-off passengers apparently got angry enough that police had to be called in...

Johnny and Gibson Guitars: Great piece on that recalls the story of a teen-age Johnny boldly approaching B.B. King one night at a club in Beaumont, Texas, and asking B.B. if he could sit in. B.B., despite some initial hestitation, obliged. And the rest is history. (After reaching the Gibson site, see Johnny's link at left.)

Johnny appears in Blues Matters: Look for Johnny in the August-September issue of U.K.-based Blues Matters. Johnny has this to say to writer Billy Hutchinson: "I've always held true to one musical style, and that's the blues. I really have no interest in playing or listening to anything else. That's what I do best..."

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