Sunday, August 12, 2007

Johnny, Eric Clapton in Rolling Stone!

Johnny graces the pages of RS: The current issue of RS (Zac Efron on cover) features an excellent photograph of Johnny and Eric Clapton hanging backstage at Crossroads. The shot anchors a fine article written by Gus Wenner. If you’ve followed Johnny’s incredible return to form in recent years, you know what a true milestone this is. The Illustrated Man is back, baby!

Duluth News Tribune: Johnny Winter dazzles bluesfest crowd...

Here's a small taste from writer John Myers:

... Johnny Winter has defied the odds, survived, and on Saturday night wowed a packed Bayfront Blues Festival with five decades of blues rock magic... Guitar Johnny sat down for a scorching 10-song set with another two songs for his encore, casting aside any doubts that he still had the magic that made him a blues and rock legend nearly 40 years ago.

Click here (free registration required) to catch a bit of the vibe from Saturday night.

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