Sunday, April 22, 2007

It’s Winter time: Johnny ready to blitz Europe...

Johnny kicks off a three-week swing on the other side of the Atlantic this Tuesday, playing a total of six shows in the United Kingdom before tackling dates in Scotland, the Netherlands and Belgium. And in a New Jersey-style redux, he then wraps things up with five dates in Germany — again with brother Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer.

You can check out a complete list of dates here.

For a recap of last weekend's gigs -- and to see some excellent photos taken by Neil Calandra (who shot the image at right of Johnny's vintage Gibson Firebird) at the Saturday show in Mamaroneck, New York -- visit


gcBLUES said...

A friend of mine saw Johnny Winter this week-end in London. This is what she had to say:

"Saw Johnny last nite in London, he was really sick and frail. Had to be helped onto stage and seated. Got goin' after a few but was like his band were babysitting. Finished abruptly, to the surprise of audience and his band. Hope he's ok."

We love you Johnny and we're not ready to loose you yet! Please take good care of yourself. We want you around for a long long time!!


Andrew said...

I don't know what planet gcblues' friend is from but I'd hardly call a final encore of Highway 61 an abrupt finish. Johnny's show at the Astoria marked the return to London of a great bluesman who's playing and overall presence still has a dark and scary edge to it.

If you want to hear sick and frail listen to Live in NYC '97. I could only listen to half of it, it was so depressing.

All of Johnny's fans owe many thanks to Paul Nelson for getting him away from Teddy Slatus, for helping to restore his health, and for putting together a killer band that pushes Johnny musically.

Thank you Paul, you have restored Johnny's dignity and you're giving us all a chance to see his greatness again. Long may it continue.

Alan said...

Saw Johnny play in Glasgow last night. Let's not dwell too much on his frailty. Yes, we wondered how long he'd manage to play, but he entertained us non-stop with his set for almost a full ninety minutes despite the heat in 'The Ferry'.

Wonderful stuff, ably backed by a very together rhythm section. Thanks Johnny.