Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Johnny featured in May issue of Guitar World

What's really happened to Johnny's life and career during the last several years? You've likely heard the rumors, but now you can get the real story in the current issue of Guitar World magazine.

This fascinating, in-depth article unearths answers to questions of more than a decade's worth of problems with health, business and music -- and it chronicles the rock and blues legend's stunning career comeback.

Can't wait to get to a newsstand? You can view the story by visiting


Pablo said...

Cool... we're going to see Johnny tonite in London and are really looking forward to it!

Cliff said...

I saw Johnny a few years ago at the State Theatre in Falls Church, VA. He wasn't the Johnny I remembered, but I was grateful to have gotten to see him anyway...he's been an inspiration to me for 40 or so years. I'm pleased to read that Johnny's back and improving. I look forward to the next time he comes to town.